Crossbill Records holiday special/ Musical playlist curated by Tom Brosseau

Now through the end of December, pay-what-you-want for Tom Brosseau’s Crossbill Records catalogue on Compact Disc. Grass Punks (2014), Perfect Abandon (2015), North Dakota Impressions (2016), Treasures Untold (2017). Or if you prefer a digital album, choose from any of the selections mentioned above for only five bucks. A real holiday special indeed;-)

Let’s say you’re hosting a party this month. You’ve got the menu planned and the beverages to go along with it. You’ve got the perfect attire, fitted and fashionable. The guestlist has been well executed. Do you have the right music? Try this one out for size, a playlist of songs from the Great American Folk Songbook curated by Tom Brosseau. We think you’re really going enjoy it!  Simply click here.